Lomas de Carabayllo

Picture: Felipe de la Fuente

Km. 34.5 in “Panamericana Norte” highway is Lomas de Carabayllo. A huge settlement made up of 52 peripheral urban communities. Puckllay runs between John Paul II and New Jerusalem two of the communities that constitute Lomas. The migrant population is predominantly who has built his homes over a huge landfill decades old. The main task with which the population has stayed afloat is the waste recycling . 52% of the population is children and youth and his early start at work is almost 60% of this population.

Lomas de Carabayllo is absolutely air polluted due to several factors together: the illegal recycling of batteries, the mining of clay, brick factories, proximity to the Zapallal landfill and the existence of abundant pork butchers. It is also relevant to note that the area has no water or sewage, roads, parks or sidewalks.

Lomas de Carabayllo

Puckllay does not have a permanent location, it takes place in public spaces (school, church, community hall, sports earthenware) and in settlers homes. The homes of participating families play a fundamental role because they are permanent spaces for teaching classes and taking care of educational material. Currently the school has been working in Manuel Scorza and through our teachers and staff efforts , it is being fostered to build the first Puckllay school in the area.

Currently they are 130 permanent participants and more than 400 people who have lived the experience since Puckllay first opening. Our students come from the listed communities: Villa Rica, San José, Juan Pablo II, New Jerusalem, San Benito, Ampliación and Bello Horizonte.