Puckllay Escuela

Puckllay school is an Art and Human training program that complements educational and personal development of its participants. It is addressed to children, adolescents and youth in poverty and / or risk. Participants receive training according to their age and level of participation.

Picture: Carolina Goyzueta

The program has a work schedule of three quarters per year, in which Art, communication and integration workshops are taught (music, dance, theater, juggling, acrobatics press, leadership, rhythm, visual arts). The training duration has four years. If the participant wishes to continue, may do so under a different dynamic of participation and exchange.

There is a Puckllay code that participants, parents, teachers and coordinators are governed by. The exchange is the basis of the work, the project grows because the community works, we do not believe in handouts from any point of view, our policy is working together.

Puckllay training also provides participants with greater commitment and perseverance the possibility to access, through covenants and agreements made with other institutions, study programs that can ensure them a stable future and open up opportunities to study and work.

Puckllay Escuela

Picture: Daniel Ochoa