Alberto Isola

Picture: Daniel Ochoa

“Thank you for entering our lives … and erase the limits of our dreams. See life through child’s eyes gives us a world of beauty even though our reality is another one, sees through Puckllay eyes is an experience that I don’t change for anything”

Juan Anyosa Cueva
15 – year-old, Puckllay 1st Graduating class (2007)
Lomas de Carabayllo

“I think it is a cultural initiative, creative and social, valuable and entrepreneur that has already got presence and leadership; and also portrays artistically the energy and the effort to improve our young urban world”

Augusto Ortiz de Zevallos
Architect and Urban Planner

“Art has helped us to transform people … We don’t want just to introduce ourselves and show our abilities, we also want to transmit educational messages to people. In our community there was many gang and since we do all this, gangs are decreasing.”

Alexandra Vilca Chipana
14 years old, Puckllay the 1st Graduating Class
Lomas de Carabayllo

“For adults and non adults of Puckllay, playing is the best way to learn and thus gradually become part of the change needed to improve the country. It is time that our authorities follow Puckllay models like once and take education,art and culture seriously as the best options for personal growth and social development in our country. “

Not suitable for adults
July 2010 report

“In this context, 20 children from the first and second graduating class of Puckllay school, dare to dream of another world, through art. Their goals, objectives, desires, passions, fears, hopes are reflected by ¨ noise “of theater, music, dance and movement.”

Cristina Fuertes
(Purposely about the recent show of Puckllay)