Puckllay - Historia

Picture: Grafitti Workshop. Summer 2009

In late 2003 and summer 2004, with the aim of social development work in marginal sectors of the population and mainly using art and education, there was an intensive workshop in theatre and dance at the initiative of two artists: Anabelí Pajuelo and Milagros Esquivel.

The result of this workshop was PUCKLLAY , a poignant demonstration that would reveal what was possible to achieve through art.

Then PUCKLLAY positioned itself as a school project of Art and Humane training for children and adolescents in Lomas de Carabayllo.

The same year in October, the artists founded the association “Generarte” to provide legal backing to the School Project and it becomes into the main project of the newly formed association.

In the following years more artists joined the team, the School Project grew and reaffirmed itself as a great program, accumulating on his record several awards and recognitions, making artistic creations that have been shared both in the community and in the city, obtaining a significant coverage in national and foreign press.

Finally, in November 2009 the School Project is separated from Generarte and it establishes as PUCKLLAY Art and Community, being the artists ANABELI Strang, Pierre Padilla and Guillermo Vasquez, who take up the challenge of carrying out the daring adventure. Since then it has been labouring intensely for children, adolescents and youth in partnership with the community, families, teachers and collaborators with the firm conviction to help to build a better country.